Hostiles English Movie

Feature Film | Drama

Hostiles is a 2018 English movie directed by Scott Cooper starring Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi and Jesse Plemons. The feature film is produced by Scott Cooper, John Lesher and Ken Kao and the music composed by Max Richter.

Release: February 16 2018 (India)
Language: English
Director: Scott Cooper

Cast & Crew Details:
Christian Bale
Rosamund Pike
Wes Studi
Jesse Plemons
Adam Beach
Rory Cochrane
Ben Foster

Director: Scott Cooper
Producers: Scott Cooper, John Lesher, Ken Kao
Music Director: Max Richter
Cinematographer: Masanobu Takayanagi
Editor: Tom Cross
Screenplay Writer: Scott Cooper
Original Story Writer: Donald E. Stewart