Yatra Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | UA
Yatra may not appeal to those who do not like him or agree with politics.
Feb 8, 2019 By NR

YSR goes onto do a Padayatra before the General Elections in 2004. The film is all about his experiences with different sections of public and their burning issues. The story narrates how those problems changed YSR as a Person and how he solved their problems with different schemes forms the rest.

While Mammootty is first announced for the role of YSR, there are lot of inhibitions but then the Superstar lived in the role and nobody else could have pulled it off better. Rao Ramesh and Sachin Khedekar get prominent roles and are good. Ashritha is good as Vijayamma. Supporting cast are adequate.


V Raghav the director and writer of the film did a fine job if we agree that he is assigned to make a Propaganda film. He did some good research and also added some fiction to the Padayatra to make it glorify YSR. There are issues like slow pace and lack of commercial elements but it is what it is with such films. The songs are average but the background score by K is superb. The camera work is adequate and the editing has been good. It is good to limit the run time to around Two Hours. Production Values are excellent.

Yatra is not a Biopic of YSR and is more an event-based film which revolves around the Padayatra. Be it fiction or real, the director was able to sustain the emotions and interest till the end. But at the end of the day, it is a film of YSR and is Political Propaganda. The level of reception will depend on which side you are. It may not appeal to those who do not like him or agree with politics. Many episodes are exaggerated to elevate him and show Congress and TDP parties in poor light.