Karthavyam Telugu Movie

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Karthavyam is a 2018 Indian movie directed by Gopi Nainar starring Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi and Vinodhini Vaidyanathan. The feature film is produced by Sharath Marar and the music composed by Ghibran.

Release: March 16 2018 (India)
Language: Telugu
Director: Gopi Nainar


Karthavyam is the tale of an honest district collector played by Nayanthara who tries everything possible to make the negligent government take care of the rampant water scarcity and injustice in rural areas that comes under her jurisdiction.

Cast & Crew Details:
Ramachandran Durairaj
Sunu Lakshmi
Vinodhini Vaidyanathan

Director: Gopi Nainar
Producer: Sharath Marar
Production Company: North Star Entertainment
Music Director: Ghibran
Cinematographer: Om Prakash
Editor: Gopi Krishna
Screenplay Writer: Gopi Nainar
Original Story Writer: Gopi Nainar