Kucch To Hai Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2003
Jan 23, 2003 By Ajay S

At last a thriller that may have songs that slow the pace of its narrative, but a suspense drama that promises to be an edge-of-the-seat slasher without the usual trappings of a potboiler.

Kudos to Ekta Kapoor who not only rewrote the rules of survival on the small screen but is now keen to take on the Bollywood giants to give them a run for the moolah. If the dyed -in-the-wool outdated formula makers don't wake up now, they'd better pack their bags and retire. For Kucch To Hai falls in a genre which hitherto was made a mess out of by the bizarre attempts of the Ramsay Brothers.

Karan (Tusshar), Tanya (Esha Deol), Tashu (Natasha), Yash (Yash Tonk), Pat (Vrijesh Hirjee), Khush (Ashay Chitre) and Dolly (Kusumati Sana) form the carefree gang of college friends in Shimla all out to have fun. Lurking behind their unadulterated fun and games is a deadly psychopath who stalks them with a vengeance.

An innocent attempt at saving one of their friends from what seems to them a serious offence drags them into a pitfall, the consequences of which hound them even after three years of their leaving college. A spate of murders convolutes the identity of the killer and they find it even more baffling as to who would want to exterminate them.

A whodunit that doesn't let the track change to any parallel subplots or mushy melodramatic sobs, KTH isn't without its drawbacks though. While the original I Know What You Did Last Summer, on which it is loosely based, or other such teenage murder mysteries, are scripted with utmost care not to sound implausible, KTH at times tends to be less believable with an improbable twist or a turn.

But Tusshar, Esha, Natasha and Yash (who are familiar faces on the telly with regular appearances in numerous Balaji Telefilms' daily serials on air) acquit themselves very well in roles they did not have to do a lot of homework for. The story and screenplay writer Rajiv Jhaveri and the two directors, Anil V Kumar and Anurag Basu, also deserve credit for delivering an entertaining film without the frills.

Ajay S