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Koode  (2018)  (Malayalam)
Rating:  2.9/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.9/5 | Users: 3.6/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
The ancestral home, which drives the narrative of most of Anjali Menon's films, is nowhere to be seen in Koode. Yet, there is a sense of homecoming and a strong bonding that we all gets to call "home." Koode is a heart-warming tale about the importance of relationships in life.

Koode Review RatingS.Mullappilly | Read Full Review

'Koode' is a family drama with an inappropriate blend of fantasy and reality. The fantasy element dominates the narration of the heart-warming relation between a brother and a sister while the impact of real incidents conveys only skin-deep experience.

Koode Review RatingK. R. Rejeesh | Read Full Review


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Rajoy Alfes  Super Reviewer
Anjali Menon has attempted the novel theme of a ghost travelling with a person and make him understand where he has failed in his duties and also help him accomplish his dreams. Prithviraj, Nazariya, Parvathy and Renjith have done their roles excellently. Littil Swayamp has woven magic into the frames with his camera. The songs are sweet and hummable. The main drawback of the movie (of course unpardonable) is its length which could have been cut short by half an hour and saved a yawn or two.   Koode User Rating

Roshan Pramod 
I never used to watch bro-sis movies.But Koode from Anjali Menon
is actually an amazing feel good movie on relationships.It is a delightful mixture of fantasy and reality.The best movie I have seen this year.Loved this movie and also the songs....<3
  Koode User Rating

cinema buff 
Koode is just an average movie that often turns to be dragging and even absurd.It is no B days or U hotel and has very less entertainment quotient. This adaptation of marati film happy journey has a wafer thin story line that too loaded with a fantasy element that attimes goes much overboard even to the extent of questioning the conscience of a viewer. Kood aspires to be a perfect entertainer as well as a class movie but eventually becomes none. The film with an old school narrative style   Koode User Rating


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