Magic Ajji Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Jun 21, 2005 By R.G.Vijayasarathy

“Magic Ajji’ directed by Dinesh Babu is the first attempt in the Kannada film industry in making a film in the digital format, though it is second Kannada digital film to be released. The film is made using the high definition camera. Earlier another film “Kanakambari’ directed by Dinesh Babu which had many top stars like Anu Prabhakar, Vijayalakshmi, Dattatreya, Om Prakash Rao and others was released. Babu had also used the High Definition Camera during the making of this film. The subjects for these two films are different, as “Magic Ajji’ which is just released this week is a children based film, while “Kanakambari’ had some elements of horror added to the narrative part of the story. The digital films are shot on a specially designed video camera and the recent example of this variety is Kamal Hassan’s two language film “Mumbai Express’ which ended as a disaster for him and also for the distributors of the film. “Kanakambari’ met with the same fate, and it looks there will be a repetition in the case of “Magic Ajji’ also.

Director Dinesh Babu who is basically a photographer has earlier directed some very good films in Kannada with some major stars like Vishnuvardhan, Anant Nag and Shankar Nag. But he has lost his touch and has been of late making some mediocre films. He was known for his sensitive presentation of some novel subjects, but in recent films he has shown a tendency to somehow complete a film, rather than doing a neat job. But certainly “Magic Ajji’ comes as a refreshing change and is a well made film. If it had been released earlier when its making did attract some hype in the media, it could have still attracted a good number of audience to the theatres. The film has all the ingredients which will appeal a large section of children. The film’s story has no logic, but there are many number of sequences in the film which will bring splits of laughter to the children. .

“Magic Ajji’ has no strong element as for its story is concerned. The sequences depict a weak story which can be even described as no story at all. But there is something in the film which keeps the audience in deep interest while watching the film. The story of a young boy who becomes a target of cruel relatives who want to usurp the property belonging to him may not look new, but still Dinesh Babu makes some interesting narration in the film. There are some graphics work in the film which will be a treat for the children.

The story relates to a grand old lady (grand mother-Ajji) who controls the affairs of a Royal palace. One of the sons in the family will marry a girl from a poor family and is disowned by the family. He is dead, and then the grand mother brings the woman and her son to the palace. After the old woman’s death, the other songs will hatch out a plan to kill the woman and her son. Ajji comes as a ghost to help out the boy in distress and saves him. She is visible only to the boy, and not to any other members of the family.

Master Tejas has come out with a good performance as the young boy who takes refuge in the palace thanks to the benevolence of his grand mother. . He is certainly a talented young artist who can be groomed as a good actor in future. Kushboo who has acted in the role of the grand mother has given a decent performance.. Sudharani as a wronged woman plays her part well. Ramesh Bhat. Mandya Ramesh and Karibasavayya have also performed well. The film is a big letdown for music lovers and not a single song has some hummable tunes.