Ottakkoru Kaamukan Review

Nov 25, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

In this platter of romantic tales, the pain of rejected love is equally distributed to both the genders. Circumstances play a major role in the break-ups as usual by placing each individual in a justifiable position. In the anthology of four love stories in 'Ottakkoru Kaamukan', only Kathrina's (Lijomol Jose) act of reversal from her love affair has hues of betrayal. A common feature of all these lovers is that they are guided by their selfishness in a decisive phase. Directors Ajin Lal and Jayan Vannery keep the momentum of narration with ease in some parts before being toppled it down by insipid elements.

Written by SK Sudheesh and Sreesh Kumar. S, the stories start off well and later the sparkling effect is ebbed away due to the mess of a twist. The film opens with the scene of four people being kept under captivity by a man identified as Vinu, played by Shine Tom Chacko. He yearned to marry the rich girl he loved, Annie (Arunthathi Nair).

Hurt by the indirect intervention of these captives in his love affair, this youth has plans to avenge his lost love. Vinu agrees to release one of the captives - a priest, a college professor, a young woman and an aspiring filmmaker-provided his or her love story should enthral him.

Firstly, he asks the priest, Dominic (Balachandran Chullikkad) to relate his love story. Shalu Rahim appears as teenager Dominic while Lijomol Jose plays his love interest, Cathrina. This rustic story provides all the bitter-sweet milieu of a love affair, which is elevated by the immaculate performances of these actors. Joju George as professor Ananthakrishnan shares the matured relationship with Meera (Abhirami). Both these stories are the cornerstones of 'Ottakkoru Kaamukan' and they keep you engaged for some time.

Shilpa Kurien, essayed by Ninny Immanuel, presents a different story about her living-together partner Rahul (Shaheen Siddique). This story has shades of a thriller with Kalabhavan Shajohn playing an interesting police officer.

The movie creates the feel of smooth sailing when the narration shifts to the tales of Ananthakrishnan and father Dominic, which were helmed by Jayan Vannery of 'Ma Chu Ka' fame. Jayan follows the best of the treatment tools that aid these parts to bubble up in the totality of the film. The impeccable portrayal of their respective roles by Joju George and Abhirami is surely a lifeline to the proceedings.

Bhagath Manuel as short film director Leon Joseph has nothing much to offer in that insignificant role. Witnessing all these stories, one would pant for a smart conclusion but here the frivolous and unimaginative writing pulls the plug on the potential rise of 'Ottakkoru Kaamukan'. The concept of the writers faces a roadblock at regular intervals that obviously stalls the progress of this flick.

'Ottakkoru Kaamukan' offers an anthology of romantic tales occurring in various situations. The messy treatment isolates the characters as it fails to generate the real waft of romance consistently. Even with the presence of established actors, this potential concept faces a roadblock at regular intervals that obviously stalls its progress.
Rating: 5 / 10
K. R. Rejeesh