Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2 is a 2018 English movie directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston starring John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot and Jane Lynch. The movie is produced by Clark Spencer and the music composed by Henry Jackman.

Release: November 23 2018
Language: English
Directors: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston
Producer: Clark Spencer
Music Director: Henry Jackman
Star Cast:
Sarah Silverman
Alan Tudyk
Alfred Molina

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Critic Rating: Rating: 3.5
User Rating: Rating:

For all of Disney's recent cashgrab attempts at peddling sequels and live-action remakes to susceptible audiences, Ralph Breaks the Internet turns out to be a sequel whose existence you can still question but not its actual merits. Rating: 3.5 - Piyush Chopra Read Full Review

Cast Overview:
John C. Reilly
Sarah Silverman
Gal Gadot
Jane Lynch
Jack McBrayer
Alan Tudyk
Alfred Molina
Ed O'Neill
Taraji P. Henson