Kakshi: Amminippilla Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama
A youngster, who arrives from Dubai, is forced to marry a girl of his family's choice even without meeting her. As she fails to meet his expectations of a life partner, he seeks ways to divorce her. Amidst the fumbles in the tale, 'O.P. 160/18 Kakshi: Amminipilla' debates the grave issue of discord in married life in a simple and pleasant way.
Jun 28, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

This is a tender theme dealt with panache without relying hard on the 'message-giving' mission. Debutant director Dinjith Ayyathan's deft touch ensures 'O.P. 160/18 Kakshi: Amminipilla' (Kakshi: Amminipilla') falls on a refreshing track that is devoid of the regular traits of a family drama. It's a question of finding harmony in marital life and realizing the positive strength of one's life partner. Set in Thalassery, the plot has its focus on a pampered youth, and the repercussions of it he faces in the decisive phase of his life.

Scenarist Sanilesh Sivan explores the mindset of youths in the light of increasing divorce cases by analyzing their lack of patience and intolerance in nuptial life. Being a mollycoddle in the family, Shajithkumar AP alias Amminipilla (Ahmed Siddique) realizes its danger while returning from Dubai. His indulgent parents took him directly to a marriage bureau to fix an alliance as he has a very short vacation. His pain aggravates as he never meets the girl in person before marriage. Kanthi Sivadasan (Fara Shibla), a stout girl, becomes his wife and it eventually shatters his dreams about his life partner.

Amminipilla finds it hard to get along with his chubby wife and he demands a divorce from her. Albeit he has hardly any other genuine reasons for divorce, his mind becomes restless. He along with his friend Mukesh (Nirmal Palazhi) approaches advocate Pradeepan Manjodi, played graciously by Asif Ali, to handle the divorce case. Amidst the fumbles in the tale, 'O.P. 160/18 Kakshi: Amminipilla' debates the grave issue of discord in married life in a simple and pleasant way.

The court scenes, in which Pradeepan and RP (Vijayaraghavan) argue each other for their clients, add novelty in the narration. Kanthi, who fails to find any valid reason for divorce, is very affectionate with Amminipilla throughout the trial. But her husband insists on getting a divorce from her.

At home, we can see a happy life of Pradeepan and his wife Nimisha (Aswathy Manoharan). His elder brother Prakashan, essayed by Sudheesh, is still a bachelor. Pradeepan's life and the case he currently handles have a contrast between them. On one side when he tries to separate a couple, one can see his brother struggles in finding a suitable girl.

Ayyathan's subtle treatment sometimes evokes the superficial nature of the film but the intensity is regained through referring to the lives of a few people related to the theme.

Asif looks matured and convincing as a lawyer with political motives. The riveting transformation of the actor lends immense credibility to his role. The confident involvement of Ahmed Siddique truly ramps up the character's personality-a vital factor in the movie. Fara Shibla grabs her maiden opportunity in a lead role with an effortless performance. She exudes the anguish of many women like her in such a crisis.

'Kakshi: Amminipilla' gets perfect trimming by editor Sooraj. E.S, making it a comfortable ride despite having shards of illogic signs in the court proceedings. Still, it turns out to be thought-provoking and sensible once you plunge into the emotion that it generates at the end.

K. R. Rejeesh