Gangs Of Madras Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Action, Drama
A Habitual & Foreseeable bunch! A women-centric revenge plot, with conventional gangster and drug mafia backdrop that is what makes 'Gangs Of Madras'
Apr 13, 2019 By ARR

A women-centric revenge plot, with conventional gangster and drug mafia backdrop, that bespeaks the famous African proverb "The axe forgets, the tree remembers" (as in Badlapur - Hindi movie) and the powerful thought "The encircling people also matters important for a person's success and happiness".

Priyanka Ruth in the central character as Razia Sultana, the young women on a revenge spree to settle scores for her husband Ashok's loss to the gangsters... exemplifies her acting skills with the given opportunity and best on her action sequences.

Jaya converting her religion to become Razia to marry Ibrahim (Ashok) is contradictory to the protagonist straight forward characterization. Did that really matter?

A shower of bullets, bloodshed, cigars, and liquors symbolize almost every frame of the narration... a gangster mandatory.

The mannerism, body language, slang and looks of the debut Vijay as Lala sait - The Antagonist and Drug Lord... work wonders amongst Velu Prabhakaran and the under-utilized Daniel Balaji as Boxy. Vijay - A talent to watch out for! There's a long shot with no dialogues in the car, where his expressions only speak... to give a nod for Daniel Balaji to take over Madras - Drug operations... a class act!

Either be it Velu Prabhakaran as Rowther, Vijay as Lala Sait or others ... the tone of the characters has been the same throughout... some shades of variations could have been etched!

The filmography on the end title card includes many movies including Kill Bill and Raktha Charithra.

The song musical by Hari Dafusia is noticeable and BGM by Shyamalangam is not that impressive for the genre. Cinematography by Karthik Kumar carries the usual cult mode.

Director C V Kumar should be appreciated for his research and bringing out the big picture of drug mafia business worth of Rs 3000 crores happening around. The same effort could have been invested on his screenplay to make it more intensive as in Ram Gopal Varma's gangster movies.

The budget constraint could be noticed at many frames, where it should have been rich for the subject.

A portrayal of additional such gangs apart from Rowther and Lala Sait, would have made the title of the movie more apt and interesting.

Wish this was a web series, as it has a potential for many seasons!