Gangs Of Madras Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Action, Drama
Gangs of Madras is an aspiring gangster drama with a female lead doing the honors with hardly anything special.
  Below Average
Apr 15, 2019 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

CV Kumar, once upon a time a famous name for indie-styled productions like Jigarthanda and Pizza has taken the baton as a director for the second time with 'Gangs of Madras.' Rated 'A' for its violent theme, the trailer promised everything under the roof for a gangster drama. The more interesting part was the female-centric approach for the narrative. So, with some expectations, I headed to the theater with the hope of witnessing something different and raw. Well, did the movie surprise me?

A couple (Ibrahim and Raziya) get caught in a gang war for no fault of theirs. Raziya is shattered with little hope. She decides to avenge for the injustice done to her. She does so by joining hands with a Mumbai goon. A gang war ensues, and the rest is all about blood, gore, and torture.

The things that work for the movie was the plot and the female lead, Priyanka Ruth. However with average dialogues, below par staging of scenes and with supporting actors showcasing their amateur experience it was evident that the movie was handled by a filmmaker who is in a hurry to narrate a story rather than to film one. Once again it is evident that the nuance of filmmaking is so delicate that it requires experience or raw genius.

At many junctures, the director's desperation to climb the 'glory' ladder was evident. The staging, screenplay, and dialogues were so naive that the effort was laughable. A woman being trained to take on goons over a period of a few months and her gritty attitude to slaughter cops in the middle of a street could have been made more filmy and realistic.

There was unnecessary addition of gore, bloodshed, and sleaze that looked forced on screen. Also, the CG and special effects were nowhere near professional. The background score was also not original and seemed to be inspired by so many gangsters flicks like 'Jigarthanda' and the recent 'Petta.'

However, the positive thing was the heroine who looked raw and daring. She could have been handled in a better way. CV Kumar should start "producing" such films and leave it for the aspiring "directors" to do their job rather than him jumping into the fray and spoiling it for them. Altogether it's an aspiring gangster drama with a female lead doing the honors with hardly anything special.

  Below Average
Baranidharan Sivasankaran