Arputha Theevu Synopsis

"Arputha Theevu" has Prithviraj as the hero with Bollywood actress Mallika Kapoor as the heroine. Manivannan, Karunas, Vaiyapuri and leading Malayalam comedian Jagadish are the other actors in the movie. The story is similar to that of Gulliver's Travels. It is a story of an island where the men are born dwarf-like due to a divine curse while the women are as usual tall and extremely beautiful. Out of jealousy, the men guard the island from handsome outsiders. However, Prithviraj manages to land up there and fall in love with the chieftain's daughter, Mallika Kapoor. The story is how they both struggle in love and how their love triumphs after a series of obstacles. Over 300 dwarf junior artistes have been romped in especially for this film to give a realistic touch. Story, screenplay and direction are by Vinayan, dialogues are by Rajan and lyrics by Pazhanibarathi, Pa. Vijay and Snehan. Jayachandran has scored the music. Shaji is the cinematographer and Palani is the stunt master. T. Gopalakrishnan and M.A. Vetrivel are the producers of this film.


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October 26

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