Vinayan's work of fantasy in Tamil

Dec 9, 2006 PVS

"Arpuda Theevu" (Wonder Island), the Tamil version of Malayalam film "Atbudha Dweep" directed by Vinayan, it will soon be released in Tamil Nadu. It is a work of imagination and fantasy with a cast of 300 dwarfs. The film is about the inhabitants of an island where men are all dwarfs with many complexes and women are of normal height.

This is Vinayan's third Tamil film after "Kasi" starring Vikram and "En Mana Vaanil". "Kasi" ran for 100 days and shot Vikram into fame. As "En Mana Vaanil" had Malayalam hero and heroine, the Tamil audiences thought it was dubbed.

According to a newspaper interview given by Vinayan, "Arpuda Theevu" is not entirely dubbed. About 40 per cent of the original Malayalam footage is used and the rest has been shot again.

The story is that a helicopter with eight navy men aboard carrying relief materials for Tsunami victims on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands crashes midway on a strange island where they find the place is inhabited by pint-sized men and normal looking women. The navy men are not welcome amidst them and looked down upon them as intruders by the islanders The dwarfs' belief is that men who are not short are either ghosts or gods and do not allow their women to look at men of normal height. So, they put to death four of the navy men while the four others escape.

Vinayan is quoted as saying that "It is a light film of fantasy full of comedy, enjoyable music and technique of high quality." He drew the inspiration to do the original Malayalam film from Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travel" and Kamal Hasaan-starrer "Apoorva Sahodarargal". It took him one long year to do the groundwork and find 300 dwarfs from various States and bring them around to take part in the project.

The Malayalam hero is Ajayan whose height is just 2.5 ft. The cast included actors like "Prithviraj of "Kana Kandaen" and "Parijatham". The Malayalam version ran for 80 days during the Kerala festival Vishu.

Mallika Kapoor is the heroine for the Tamil "Arpuda Theevu" which also features Manivannan, Karunas and Vaiyapuri. Manivannan plays a three ft. tall king of the fairy-land. Computer graphics do the tricks today, says Vinayan, who has 25 movies to his credit, 20 of which were hits. He did two films with Mammooty.

He claimed that his fourth Tamil film after "Arpuda Theevu" will be with Vikram who has promised him dates next year.

Vinayan expressed confidence that Tamil audiences will encourage "Arpuda Theevu" which will provide a wholesome treat for kids and elders alike.

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