Muttayikkallanum Mammaliyum

Feature Film | Drama

Muttayikkallanum Mammaliyum is a 2019 Malayalam movie directed by Ambujakshan Nambiar starring Dharmajan Bolgatty, Kailash, Rajeev Pillai and Mamukkoya. The movie is produced by Lekha Ambujakshan and the music composed by Lekha Ambujakshan and Ratheesh Kannan.

Feature Film
Release: March 15 2019
Genre: Drama
Language: Malayalam
Director: Ambujakshan Nambiar
Producer: Lekha Ambujakshan
Music Directors: Lekha Ambujakshan, Ratheesh Kannan

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Critic Rating:
Rating: 5 / 10

A boy finds solace in the lap of nature when he is meted out cruel punishment by his stepfather, and later, his love for nature changes his life. The theme of 'Muttayikkallanum Mammaliyum' exudes a childlike innocence but the execution carries a childish texture.
Rating: 5 / 10
- K. R. Rejeesh

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Cast Overview:
Dharmajan Bolgatty
Rajeev Pillai
Sona Nair
Susheel Kumar Jain
Babu Annur
Master Prince
Master Aakash