Kanayile Madhyapanikal Malayalam Short Film

Short Film | Comedy, Drama | 0h 25min

Kanayile Madhyapanikal is a Malayalam Short Film directed by Akhil Joseph . The movie is produced by Prasanth Bose, Harish Thilak and Dickson Thommachan and the music composed by Joel Johns.

Short Film
Runtime: 0h 25min
Release Date: January 18 2020 (India)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Malayalam
Director: Akhil Joseph

Kaanayile Madhyapanikal is a blend of Comedy, Drama and thriller genre. Drunkards of Cana is a short journey to reveal the concealed. A tale that takes place in a small village in a day, which it occurred from morning 6AM till the clock spins round to 6PM, the same day evening.

Cast & Crew Details:

Director: Akhil Joseph
Producers: Prasanth Bose, Harish Thilak, Dickson Thommachan
Music Director: Joel Johns
Sound Designer: Jithin Joseph
Cinematographer: Ajmal Sabu
Art Designer: Abhishek Anilkumar
Screenplay Writer: Justin Mathew
Original Story Writer: Justin Mathew