Gunwali Dulhaniya Hindi Movie

Feature Film

Gunwali Dulhaniya is a 2019 Hindi movie directed by Shantanu Anant Tambe starring Kanchan Awasthi, Mayur Kumar, Elvis Chaturvedi and Govind Namdev. The movie is produced by Sarika Vinod Tambe, Kalpana Anant Tambe and Sanjana Vinod Tambe and the music composed by Aslam Surty and Sumit Kumar.

Feature Film
Release: May 17 2019 (India)
Language: Hindi
Director: Shantanu Anant Tambe


Sharmili, a girl from Lucknow is all set to be married when, on the night of her wedding, she is kidnapped by a goon Bhaiyaji who asks for Rs 5 crore as ransom. Confusion strikes when Sharmili`s family finds a letter in her room which says she has eloped with her lover. Has Sharmili been kidnapped o...More


Cast & Crew Details:
Kanchan Awasthi
Mayur Kumar
Elvis Chaturvedi
Govind Namdev
Brijendra Kala
Shravani Goswami
Gajendra Chauhan
Dolly Kaushik

Director: Shantanu Anant Tambe
Producers: Sarika Vinod Tambe, Kalpana Anant Tambe, Sanjana Vinod Tambe
Production Companies: Buddha Telefilms , K S Media, Passionwoald Entertainments
Music Directors: Aslam Surty, Sumit Kumar
Background Music Composer: Aslam Surty
Song Lyrics Writers: Shantanu Anant Tambe, Neetu Pandey
Sound Designer: Dheeraj Poojary
Cinematographer: Hitesh Beldar
Editor: Mukesh Thakur
Art Designer: Dinesh Shinde
Screenplay Writers: Shantanu Anant Tambe, Dinesh Shinde
Dialogue Writers: Shantanu Anant Tambe, Dinesh Shinde
Original Story Writer: Shantanu Anant Tambe