A Dogs Journey English Movie

Feature Film | U | Comedy, Drama | 1h 49min

A Dogs Journey is a 2019 English movie directed by Gail Mancuso starring Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Marg Helgenberger and Betty Gilpin . The movie is produced by Gavin Polone and the music composed by Mark Isham.

Feature Film
Runtime: 1h 49min
Release Date: May 17 2019 (India)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: English
Director: Gail Mancuso
Star Cast:
Marg Helgenberger
Kathryn Prescott
Abby Ryder Fortson
Henry Lau

Cast & Crew Details

A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets.

Rating: 0%

Cast & Crew Details:
Josh Gad Bailey(voice)
Dennis Quaid Ethan
Marg Helgenberger Hannah
Betty Gilpin Gloria
Kathryn Prescott CJ (Clarity June)
Abby Ryder Fortson Young CJ
Henry Lau Trent
Ian Chen

Director: Gail Mancuso
Producer: Gavin Polone
Production Company: Universal Pictures
Music Director: Mark Isham
Cinematographer: Rogier Stoffers
Editor: Robert Komatsu
Screenplay Writers: W. Bruce Cameron, Cathryn Michon, Maya Forbes, Wally Wolodarsky


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