Spies in Disguise English Movie

Feature Film | Action, Adventure, Animation

Spies in Disguise is a English Movie directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane starring Will Smith, Tom Holland, Ben Mendelsohn and Karen Gillan. The movie is produced by Peter Chernin and Michael J. Travers and the music composed by Theodore Shapiro.

Feature Film
Release Date: December 25 2019 (India)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation
Language: English
Directors: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane

Cast & Crew Details

When the world's best spy is turned into a pigeon, he must rely on his nerdy tech officer to save the world.


Cast & Crew Details:
Will Smith Lance Sterling (voice)
Tom Holland Walter Beckett (voice)
Ben Mendelsohn Tristan McFord (voice)
Karen Gillan Eyes (voice)
Rashida Jones Marcy Kappe (voice)
Masi Oka Agent K (voice)
DJ Khaled Ears (voice)

Directors: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
Producers: Peter Chernin, Michael J. Travers
Production Company: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Music Director: Theodore Shapiro