Devaki Kannada Movie

Feature Film | UA | Drama, Thriller | 2h 9min

Devaki is a 2019 Kannada movie directed by Lohith H starring Kishore Kumar G, Priyanka Upendra, Aishwarya Upendra and Sanjeev Jaiswal. The feature film is produced by Akshay RC and Ravish RC and the music composed by Nobin Paul.

Feature Film
Runtime: 2h 9min
Release: July 5 2019 (India)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: Kannada
Director: Lohith H
Aishwarya Upendra
Sanjeev Jaiswal

Cast & Crew Details:
Kishore Kumar G
Priyanka Upendra
Aishwarya Upendra
Sanjeev Jaiswal

Director: Lohith H
Producers: Akshay RC, Ravish RC
Music Director: Nobin Paul
Cinematographer: HC Venugopal
Editor: C Ravichandran