Kasthuriman Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Aug 26, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar,Nov 28

Kasthoorimaan" as its Malayalam original is a movie that has a super slick body, authentic, probing and ultimately moving. Though, it lacks in technical fineness, it does present its elegance in a quite beautiful and cool visual style.

Director Lohithdas has showed his skills as a master storyteller. He has adeptly captured the difficulties of the middle class people, without being over melodramatic. What make the flick work are its engaging characters, a few good jokes and its emotional appeal.

Here goes the story…

Arunkumar (Prasanna) and Uma (Meera Jasmine) study in the same college. They both work hard by doing menial jobs to raise money to pursue their studies.

One day Arun's father suffers sever illness and is admitted to hospital.Arun is in a quandary not knowing how to meet the medical expanses.Uma chips in and pays the medical bill and helps her family. Uma also supports Arun financially in pursuing his ambition to become an IAS officer. Liking Uma's kindness and warmth, Arun falls in love with her and decides to marry her after becoming an IAS officer.

Arun passes his IAS exam. He gets posted as a district collector to the same district where Uma lives. With fond dreams to marry Uma, he comes in search of her. But to his shock and dismay finds Uma mired in abysmal problems.

Apart from her financial problems, Uma has to bear the torture of her sister's husband too. Her uncle makes several attempts to marry her. Uma's life slips from bad to worse. On a fateful day, unable to bear any further Uma hacks her uncle to death and goes to jail.

Meanwhile, Kannaiyan, a wealthy businessman learns about Arun's growing stature and he conspires to get his daughter in marriage to Arun. Quirk turn of events leaves Arun's family deeply in debts. Kannaiyan uses the opportunity, offers to help them, but in return asks Arun to marry his daughter. Now Arun is in transfix.

How Arun and Uma successfully ward off their troubles to unite is told eloquently in the remaining part of the story.

Prasanna has given a matured performance.Meera Jasmine walks off with the entire accolade. As a college girl in the first half and as a woman in vengeance in the second half, Meera Jasmine is really on the fast track. She has once again proved her acting prowess and is here to stay longer.

Other casts such as Leela as Munniamma, Sarath Babu as Arun's father, Shammi as Uma's uncle, Veerapandi as captain, V.M.C. Hanepha, as judge, and Baradhi Kannan, have all performed to the T.

Illayaraja's lilting music is a treat to the ears. Kitcha and Vaithi, the men behind the camera, have captured some gorgeous backdrop.

Overall, it's a subtle work that never once strikes a false note.

P.V.Sathish Kumar,Nov 28