Kappela Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | U | Romance, Thriller | 1h 53min
A naive girl from a village in Wayanad falls in love with an auto rickshaw driver from Malappuram by talking on the phone. The girl's journey to meet him in Kozhikode becomes eventful. It's a simple plot that is beautifully elevated by intense performances and neat direction.
Mar 6, 2020 By K. R. Rejeesh

In the crucial scene where Jessy is seen in a devastating state, she would like to fulfill her long-pending desire. It reveals the depth of innocence this rustic girl possesses. Strikingly played by Anna Ben with her artless expressions, Jessy is familiar to us and she can be seen everywhere. Actor Muhammed Musthafa, who makes his directorial debut, shows a matured sense of story-telling, aptly supported by the natural and delicate performance by Anna. A protege of director Ranjith, Musthafa had won special jury mention in the National Awards 2015 for his role in 'Ain', directed by Sidhartha Siva.

'Kappela', which means chapel, follows the tale of a naïve girl at Poovaranmala, Wayanad. Hailing from an agricultural family, Jessy is living peacefully within the limitations of his family, comprising her father (James Eliya), mother (Nisha Sarang) and a younger sister. Jessy is blindly loved by a textile shop owner, Benny (Sudhi Koppa) but he never tells her about it directly. Once Jessy gets in touch with Vishnu (Roshan Mathew), an autorickshaw driver in Malappuram through a phone call done by mistake. But it becomes a platform of their relationship, and forced by circumstances, Jessy, who hasn't cleared Plus Two, decides to meet him in Kozhikode.

Jessy leaves for Kozhikode and this journey becomes eventful in her life. At the same time, the director also presents the erratic life of a youth in Kannur, Roy (Sreenath Bhasi). An arrogant youth by appearance, Roy along with his friend Riyaz (Vijilesh) leads a wayward life. But he is loved by his cousin Annie (Tanvi Ram), a school teacher. Despite Roy's aimless life, Annie helps him. A BBA graduate, Roy comes to Kozhikode for a job interview.

Musthafa has co-written the script along with Nikhil Vahid and Sudhas V. Albeit some scenes are a tad less convincing, the writers have developed the simple plot to an engaging watch in the second half. The critical juncture of 'Kappela' happens when Jessy, Vishnu and Roy meet in Kozhikode. Their paths intersect, resulting in a series of incidents.

The dilapidated chapel near Jessy's home is special for her. Its significance comes towards the end. Anna is the cornerstone of this film that is devoid of cinematic drama and other usual fripperies. Her innate potential to become at ease with the emotion and trait of the character brings huge momentum for this family-thriller drama.

Musthafa also appears as headload worker Abu, Roy's friend in Kozhikode. Sreenath Bhasi shoulders the mystery of the character with panache. The actor effuses scary moments perfectly to make the proceedings engaging. Roshan Mathew is equally commendable in his effort to portray the different shades in his acting. He succeeds in creating an impact among viewers in terms of his positive behaviour with people around him right from the outset. Establishing Vishnu's personality is pivotal in the plot.

Starting from the title card shots, Jimshi Khalid never disappoints you as his visuals exploit most of the aesthetic sense in shots. Sushi Shyam shines well with his compelling background score. 'Kappela' has hardly anything to brag about the theme, but the wait is worth until you realize how the treatment has astonishingly redefined its fate! It's a simple plot that is beautifully elevated by intense performances and neat direction.

K. R. Rejeesh



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