Pagle Aazam Hindi Movie

Feature Film | UA | Comedy, Drama

Pagle Aazam is a Hindi Movie directed by Vikas Kavthekar and APS Raghuvanshi starring APS Raghuvanshi, Mannat Procha, Sonia Sharma and Liliput Faruque. The movie is produced by APS Raghuvanshi and the music composed by Puneet Dixit.

Feature Film
Release Date: January 31 2020 (India)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hindi
Directors: Vikas Kavthekar, APS Raghuvanshi
Star Cast: APS Raghuvanshi, Mannat Procha, Sonia Sharma, Liliput Faruque, Ravi Mann, Abhinay Sharma, Sahil Patel, Amber Upadhyay, Amolika Mishra
Cast & Crew Details

Pagle Aazam is a quirky comedy that revolves around Rahul, who is in love with Sonia, and the two narrate whacky stories to each other but their lives change upside down when they get trapped in their own chaos.


Cast & Crew Details:
APS Raghuvanshi
Mannat Procha
Sonia Sharma
Liliput Faruque
Ravi Mann
Abhinay Sharma
Sahil Patel
Amber Upadhyay
Amolika Mishra

Directors: Vikas Kavthekar, APS Raghuvanshi
Producer: APS Raghuvanshi
Production Company: APS Entertainment
Music Director: Puneet Dixit
Sound Designer: Ravi Pal
Cinematographer: Badal Mani
Editor: Joy Kumar
Original Story Writer: Abshiek Bhagat