The Empty Man English Movie

Feature Film | Crime, Horror

The Empty Man is a English movie directed by David Prior starring James Badge Dale, Samantha Logan, Stephen Root and Joel Courtney. The feature film is produced by Stephen Christy, Adam Friedlander, Ross Richie and Philip Waley and the music composed by Christopher Young.

Release Info:
2020 (India)   
Language: English
Director: David Prior


On the trail of a missing girl, an ex-cop comes across a secretive group attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity.

Cast & Crew Details:
James Badge Dale James Lasombra
Samantha Logan Davara Walsh
Stephen Root Arthur Parsons
Joel Courtney Brandon Maibum
Marin Ireland Nora Quail
Aaron Poole Paul
Adam Ferguson The Tulpa
Owen Teague Duncan West
Evan Jonigkeit Greg
Tanya van Graan Allison Lasombra
Ron Canada Detective Villiers

Director: David Prior
Producers: Stephen Christy, Adam Friedlander, Ross Richie, Philip Waley, Adam Yoelin
Production Company: 20th Century Fox
Music Director: Christopher Young
Cinematographer: Anastas N. Michos
Editors: Andrew Buckland, David Prior
Screenplay Writer: David Prior
Original Story Writer: David Prior