The Hero Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2003
Mar 4, 2003 By Ajay S

If you don't grumble watching Sunny's One-man-Army act, then this desi Bond flick is surely for you. Moreover the title itself imparts hyper powers to our Hero preventing you to complain any further.

Arun Khanna (Sunny Deol) is an undercover agent who goes to Kashmir to unleash Pakistani secret service's dangerous plans to seize Kashmir. He seeks help from a local village girl Reshma (Preity Zinta) and soon she becomes a part of his network. Obviously they fall in love but an accident seperates them. Undeterred, our Hero further continues his spying, befriending daughter(Priyanka Chopra) of an ISI accomplice. This time he is playing a nuclear scientist to crack the ISI plan of launching a nuclear bomb.

The action is credible and the direction digestible as far as you don't mind excusing the usual SUNNYmatic liberties. Of course the script lacks a strong emotional touch (like Gadar), but you wouldn't wanna cry in a Bond kinda flick either. And while the writer gives us the minutest of technical details in the making of a nuclear bomb, he does not explain how it's gonna help Pakistan in getting Kashmir. The style and grand look of the film is visible in every frame. Cinematography is marvellous but music is a sore point.

Preity acts and appears equally beautiful. Sunny surely is THE HERO here, though he doesn't goes melodramatic with his fiery outbursts much often. If you could accept James Bond bashing up the military ruler's son in North Korea, you will love watching Arun Khanna make mincemeat of the ISI chief.

Ajay S