Musical Chair Malayalam Movie

Feature Film

Musical Chair is a 2021 Indian movie directed by Vipin Atley starring Vipin Atley, Allen Rajan Mathew, Jaya Anoop and K Padmakrishna Iyer. The feature film is produced by Allen Rajan Mathew and the music composed by Vipin Atley.

Release Info:
February 11 2021 (International Film Festival of Kerala)   July 8 2021 (Nee Stream)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Vipin Atley
Streaming on:
Cast: Vipin Atley, Allen Rajan Mathew, Jaya Anoop, K Padmakrishna Iyer, Ambili S Rengan

Cast & Crew Details:
Vipin Atley
Allen Rajan Mathew
Jaya Anoop
K Padmakrishna Iyer
Ambili S Rengan

Director: Vipin Atley
Producer: Allen Rajan Mathew
Production Company: Spyrogyra Productions
Music Director: Vipin Atley
Background Music Composer: Vipin Atley
Cinematographer: Sajid Nazir
Editor: Ameer Ibrahim
Screenplay Writer: Vipin Atley
Dialogue Writer: Vipin Atley
Original Story Writer: Vipin Atley

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