La Tomatina Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Art house, Drama
A highly metaphorical and bizarre film, the one-line plot of a captive whistleblower gradually takes us to the world of reality. The shocking as well as disturbing narration makes it purely a director's film.
Sep 29, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

'La Tomatina' uses tomatoes as a metaphor for red, food, and suffering. The film explores the painful ordeals of its protagonist, drawing parallels between the tomato fight festival in Spain and the torture inflicted on a journalist who speaks out against corruption. Director Sajeevan Anthikkad's unconventional approach, combined with a serious screenplay by T Arunkumar, gives the film an academic depth. 'La Tomatina' delves into the politics surrounding mysterious deaths and avoids melodrama and cinematic frills.

The film's beauty lies not in its surface visuals but in its thoughtful interpretation of the color red. It depicts the disturbing and repulsive acts of those in power against a journalist, played by Joy Mathew, who exposes political and bureaucratic misconduct. Officials, led by Sreejith Ravi, abduct the journalist, subjecting him to brutal treatment. The identity of the officials' power center remains a mystery, leaving the audience to speculate. Characters like Bella (Maria Thompson) and Abu (Ramesh Rajasekharan) display empathy for the captive. 'La Tomatina' uses these characters and visuals as symbols, with the tortured journalist representing truth. The film portrays the suppression of questions and opposing voices by vested interests and uses the color red as a symbol of tyranny.


Mathew's portrayal of the whistleblower, who remains audacious and determined despite extreme adversity, is striking. Unlike typical films, 'La Tomatina' relies on powerful visual imagery rather than a linear narrative. It highlights how influential individuals suppress dissent and manipulate common people. Sreejith Ravi's character, without a name, represents the despotic nature of those in authority.

The film is highly metaphorical and takes the audience from a captive whistleblower's story into the realm of reality. Its shocking and disturbing narration is a testament to the director's vision, even though it includes dramatic sequences and maintains austerity in its execution. 'La Tomatina' successfully makes a bold statement about the suppression of truth in modern times.

K. R. Rejeesh