Tom Dick & Harry Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film

Deepak Tijori, after a brief, unsuccessful career as an actor has shifted focus to direction, with films like OOPS and Fareb, both of which did badly at the box office. His next venture, Tom, Dick and Harry too looks to go the same way.

Like Pyare Mohan, which released a couple of weeks ago, this film too takes physical handicaps as props, to build a storyline. Basically inspired by the Gene Wilder hit of the eighties, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, this film shows Tom (Dino) as a deaf person, Harry (Jimmy) as being dumb, and Dick(Anuj) being blind. All these three are tenants of Happy Singh (Rakesh Bedi). In their own weird ways, they manage to communicate in between themselves, and with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, plenty of young girls are being kidnapped by bad man Suprano (Gulshan Grover), to be sold abroad.

Into the world of Tom, Dick and Harry enters Celina, a neighbor’s niece. All the three instantly fall in love with her, and want to woo her. As they try to do so in their own unique and often irritating ways, they get entangled with Suprano’s plan of kidnapping. Celina gets kidnapped, and the three must now somehow help her.

The film is a pretty amateur attempt, and tends to drag. The double meaning dialogues are more smut than comedy. The story and screenplay are very weak, and fail to hold the viewer’s interest. Of the cast, Anuj Sawhney and Kim Sharma put in good performances, while Dino and Jimmy are passable. Gulshan Grover hams away to glory and you want to see his exit as early as possible. About the only high point of the entire film is the absolute rocking music by Himesh Reshammiya, especially his own number ‘Yaara Jhoom, Jhoom”. An entirely avoidable film, except of the music. Might be of interest to the front benchers, in view of the crude and lewd dialogues.

  Below Average