Merry Christmas Malayalam Movie

Feature Film

Merry Christmas is an upcoming Indian movie directed by Midhun Jyothi starring Dayyana Hameed, James Eliya, Jayaraj Warrier and Raj Kalesh. The feature film is produced by S Hari Bhaskaran and the music composed by Sanjay Prasanan.

Current Status: Filming
Release Info:
February 1 2022 (India)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Midhun Jyothi


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Cast & Crew Details:
Dayyana Hameed
James Eliya
Jayaraj Warrier
Raj Kalesh
Maala Parvathi

Director: Midhun Jyothi
Producer: S Hari Bhaskaran
Production Company: Komala Hari Pictures
Music Director: Sanjay Prasanan
Song Lyrics Writers: Amal Noushad, Devika P, Absar Tytus
Cinematographer: Binu
Editor: Midhun Jyothi
Screenplay Writer: Midhun Jyothi

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