Sarkar Dada Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Nov 3, 2005 By TT

Sarkar Dada from Sasi Sekhar, the director of Kunjikoonan has bombed at the box office. The film is a disaster and fails to elicit even the faintest smile from the audience. One really wonders why Jayaram did this film in the first place. When you consider the fact that the film was shot almost two years back when Jayaram enjoyed considerably more market value than he has now, disbelief turns to dismay. One also wonders what kind of message he is trying to give to the society. Pouran, an earlier film starring Jayaram had state politics as the backdrop, and had a very powerful message for the masses. Alice in the Wonderland which was released before Pouran, had good picturization going for it, shot as it was in picturesque locations. It also had beautiful songs. Sarkar Dada unfortunately has nothing to redeem it, and is an eminently forgettable film.

The story, screenplay, dialogue, direction, and every other aspect of the movie is found to be wanting. One critic went to the extent of saying that the most interesting part of the film is in the first five minutes when the credits are shown. Right from casting, the film seems to have got it all wrong, and falls well below the average Malayalam film. This is a big let down from Jayaram as well as from the two sidekicks he always has around in this movie - Salim Kumar and Harisree Asokan. So is the case with Cochin Haneefa, Jagdish, Navya Nair and Kalasala Babu. It's a bigger let down from Sasi Shankar who brilliantly directed Dileep in Kunjikoonan and Surya in its Tamil remake.

There is very little to write regarding the story line since the film hardly has one. What the impact of Sarkar Dada will be on Jayaram's forthcoming Malayalam release Winter, one can hardly hazard a guess. The same goes for the much awaited Tamil venture in which he shares his screen persona with Ajith and Prakash Raj. One can only assume that after Sarkar Dada, things can only get better because they can't get any worse.