Neal 'n' Nikki Hindi Movie

Feature Film

Neal 'n' Nikki is a 2005 Indian movie directed by Arjun Sablok starring Uday Chopra and Tanisha Mukherjee. The feature film is produced by Aditya Chopra and the music composed by Salim-Suliaman.

Release Info:
December 9 2005 (India)  
Language: Hindi
Director: Arjun Sablok
Tanisha Mukherjee

Funny, frothy, fantastic!! Set across the stunning landscape of British Columbia in Canada, Neal ‘n’ Nikki is the story ... Show more

Funny, frothy, fantastic!! Set across the stunning landscape of British Columbia in Canada, Neal ‘n’ Nikki is the story of two Indians, born and bred in Canada. It is the story of a journey that changes their lives forever...

Neal (Uday Chopra) gives into his parents’ wishes of marrying a girl called Sweetie from Bhatinda, but has just one pre condition to getting married. He wants to live it up one last time and wants to go to Vancouver on a 21 day bachelor vacation.

Neal gets lucky on his first day out in Vancouver and is asked out by a hot super model. A silly, spunky Indian girl screws up the date. The girl? Nikki Bakshi (Tanisha Mukerjee)!! But this is only the first of many chance encounters, where Nikki – mostly by accident – ensures that Neal never, ever gets lucky!!

Whatever Neal does, Nikki undoes. Call it luck, call it fate, call it anything. Bit by bit, Neal’s bachelor vacation starts falling apart – whether he is going skinny dipping with a girl, or enjoying a romp in the back seat of a car. Nikki turns up everywhere to spoil things for poor, poor Neal!!

A truce is called between the two, when Nikki decides to help Neal get some serious action. She tells him she can get him laid and takes him to “babe heaven” – Whistler!!

As they explore the Canadian countryside, Neal ‘n’ Nikki exchange life stories and we discover that as different as they appear to be, they are actually similar. And no matter how much they say they hate each other, they become “fun buddies”. A curious chemistry ignites between them.

But soon the bubble bursts when he realizes that Nikki has some very definite plans to “use” Neal. Does Neal abandon his road trip and return to Vancouver? Do Neal ‘n’ Nikki ever realize that what they were looking for has been sitting right next to them? Does the twain ever meet? Do opposites really attract? Are Neal and Nikki the perfect foil for each other? Or is the anonymous girl from Bhatinda the right choice for Neal?

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Cast & Crew Details:
Uday Chopra
Tanisha Mukherjee

Director: Arjun Sablok
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Music Director: Salim-Suliaman
Song Lyrics Writers: Irshad Kamil, Asif Ali Beg
Cinematographer: P.S Vinod
Editor: Ritesh Soni
Screenplay Writer: Arjun Sablok
Original Story Writer: Arjun Sablok

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