Rajni Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
'Rajni' is devoid of a refreshing content to spring a surprise. But as a murder mystery thriller, it is able to trigger ample gripping and engaging realm of suspense.
Dec 10, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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This thriller unfolds seamlessly, immediately establishing an intriguing backdrop for suspenseful events. The mystery in 'Rajni' kicks off with a nighttime murder on the road, leaving the 'whodunit' question hanging throughout much of the film. Director Vinil Scariah Varghese and co-writer Vincent Vadakkan skillfully maintain engagement, mitigating plot flaws with a well-placed suspense factor that sustains the movie's tempo. While the resolution to the enigmatic murder is not groundbreaking, cleverly arranged sequences bolster the plot, preventing the storyline from becoming predictably formulaic too soon.

Set in Chennai, the narrative commences with the murder of Abhijith (Saiju Kurup) during a car journey with his wife Gowri (Namitha Pramod). Devastated, Gowri's brother Naveen (Kalidas Jayaram) postpones his engagement to investigate the motive behind Abhijith's murder. Naveen's covert inquiry points to a suspicious woman, reported to police officer Paul Selvaraj (Ashwin Kumar). Despite Naveen's efforts, the mystery persists, sustaining gripping suspense. The killer's backstory unfolds naturally, contributing to the overall appeal of this murder mystery thriller, even if the plot lacks a groundbreaking concept.

Kalidas, in the role of the protagonist, skillfully conveys the emotional turmoil of a brother, but the narrative heavily relies on the antagonist, whose identity remains undisclosed here to avoid spoilers. The villain's flashback, although following a familiar template, flows naturally, lending credibility to the unfolding events.

The director's use of dark tones enhances the mysterious atmosphere required by the script, effectively eliminating predictability. 'Rajni' sustains its suspense while delving into the emotional conflicts of its characters, particularly the emotionally charged tale of the villain. Well-placed silences and a mood-setting background score by 4Musics enhance crucial scenes with impactful subtlety. What sets this film apart is its sincere approach to familiar content, avoiding reliance on bombastic action sequences in the climax. Despite lacking a groundbreaking narrative, 'Rajni' offers a neatly packaged murder mystery thriller that generates ample gripping and engaging suspense. While it may not surprise with fresh content, it successfully captivates audiences within the confines of its familiar theme.

K. R. Rejeesh