Tanthra Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2006

Tanthra is a 2006 Indian movie directed by KJ Bose starring Arvind, Siddique, Shweta Menon and Aiswarya. The feature film is produced by Baburaj and the music composed by Alex Paul.

Release Info:
July 28 2006 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: KJ Bose

Tantra is a film that for the first time in Indian cinema tries to explore the amazing facets of the tantric way of life... Show more

Tantra is a film that for the first time in Indian cinema tries to explore the amazing facets of the tantric way of life. Kodukkollur Mana in North Malabar is a centre for Tantric studies. Tantrist Aacharya Suryadharman (Siddique) and wife Vedavathy (Aiswarya) are the inmates of the Mana. Suryadharman's fame as a tantric yogi has spread far and wide. His predictions never fail. But the atmosphere at the Mana is forbidding, and few venture close to it. Through the use of black magic and other means, Suryadharman is on the verge of becoming invincible.

BBC reporter Aravindan (Kiran Raj) along with girl friend and model Swethamukhi (Sweta Menon) come to the Mana to produce a documentary about South Indian Tantric practices. Swethamukhi is also interested in learning the whereabouts of her brother who has been missing for three years. Suryadharman's disclosures about her brother's disappearance startle her. Promising to find and return her brother within a few days, Suryadharman inveigles her to participate in a Pooja. Even without their knowing it, Suryadharman drives a wedge between Aravindan and Swethamukhi whose presence in the Mana unsettles Vedavathy. Aravindan in the mean time seeks the help of Vedavathy to learn more about Tantra. The eerie and bizarre happenings at the Mana make up the story, with lust and revenge forming the thread.

Tantra is the debut directorial venture of KJ Bose, who also does the script. The film is the return vehicle for Sweta Menon, former Miss India and model who starred in films like Anaswaram, Nakshathra Koodaaram and Welcome to Kodaikanal, and appeared in very provocative poses for the ad campaign for Kama Sutra, a widely used condom.



Cast & Crew Details:
Shweta Menon
Kiran Raj

Director: KJ Bose
Producer: Baburaj
Music Director: Alex Paul
Song Lyrics Writer: Subhash Cherthala
Cinematographer: Sadat