Tu Star Chhe Gujarathi Movie

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama

Tu Star Chhe is an upcoming Gujarathi movie directed by K R Devmani starring Bhushan Bhatt, Kamlesh Parmar, Denisha Ghumrah and Hitesh Thakkar. The feature film is produced by Alpesh Solanki and Kiran Parmar and the music composed by Ahsan Ahmed.

Current Status: Filming
Release Info:
June 1 2023 (India)   
Language: Gujarathi
Director: K R Devmani
Cast: Bhushan Bhatt, Kamlesh Parmar, Denisha Ghumrah, Hitesh Thakkar, Jakir Khan, Vishal Tomar

Cast & Crew Details:
Bhushan Bhatt
Kamlesh Parmar
Denisha Ghumrah
Hitesh Thakkar
Jakir Khan
Vishal Tomar

Director: K R Devmani
Producers: Alpesh Solanki, Kiran Parmar
Music Director: Ahsan Ahmed
Editor: Gulmohmad
Art Designer: Badal shah