Chronic Bachelor Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2003
Apr 2, 2003 By K. T. Thomas

Good direction by Siddique, the mesmerising screen presence of Mammootty and a good storyline presented in a well-knit manner makes Chronic Bachelor an enjoyable movie.

Produced by Fazil under the banner of Ammu International, the film would appeal very much to die-hard fans of Mammootty, who plays Sathyaprathapan, also called SP by those around him. Life has not been smooth for SP, who lost his father when he was very young. His father Balagangadharan had in Neelakantan, a very bitter enemy. And Neelakantan had done all that he could do to make Balagangadharan's life intolerable. Anyhow, after Balagangadharan's death, Neelakantan turns to Sathyaprathapan and instills in his mind the notion that his father was not a good man. And pretending love, Neelakantan cleans away all of SP's property. Later only does SP realise the truth. He then starts life afresh with the help of Parameswaran, who makes him realise that his father is not what Neelakantan had made him out to be. And then SP works hard and becomes a successful businessman. He had, in his earlier days, loved Bhavani, the young daughter of Neelakantan. But when Bhavani stood by her father in cheating SP, he turned bitter at heart and pledged to remain a bachelor all his life. He lives along with his friend PA Kuruvilla, who too has decided to remain a bachelor. In the meantime Bhama and some other young girls come to stay at a house opposite SP's house. And SP's house too has some new members. There is young Sreekumar, son of Parameswaran and his friend Ugran, who too have come to live with SP. The interesting happenings that follow, interspersed with the right dose of humour, sentiments and all, forms the plot of Chronic Bachelor.

Mammootty, undoubtedly, is the main attraction of the film. He does the role of SP, the chronic bachelor, in a really commendable manner and makes his presence felt throughout the film. Rambha as Bhama is well-cast. Mukesh as Sreekumar, Janardhanan as Parameshwaran, Indraja as Bhavani, Biju Menon as Hareendran, Bhavani's brother, Innocent as Kuruvilla, Harisri Ashokan as Ugran and KPAC Lalitha as Vimala, Sreekumar's mother, do full justice to their respective roles. Nammal fame Bhavana, who plays Sandhya, SP's sister, has a charming and fresh look about her and seems to be having a bright future in films. Debutante Mohan Ayiroor does a thorough job of his character, that of Neelakantan. Lalu Alex shines as SP's father Balagangadharan and later as SP's brother Shekharankutty.

Siddique has done a good work of the script, based on his own story. It is the well worked-out script that makes the film an enjoyable one. cinematography by Anandakuttan, editing by TR Shekhar and Gourishankar and art-direction by Mani Suchitra too deserve mention. Of the songs penned by Kaithapram Damodaran Nampoothiri and RK Damodaran and set to tune by debutante Deepak Dev, "Kannil nilaavu ...", "Shilayil ninnum ..." and "Swayamvara chandrike ..." are tuneful. In total Chronic Bachelor is a film that would sync in with the holiday mood and entertain family audience in the main.

K. T. Thomas