Kasargold Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Action, Adventure, Drama
'Kasargold' offers the typical story of gold smugglers and it is woven around the ordinary creative realms, triggering predictable vibes. The sheen is hardly enough to blot out the chinks in the plot.
Sep 17, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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The premise in 'Kasargold' is smuggling of gold that exposes the nexus between politicians and smugglers. Director Mridul Nair's sophomore is saturated with initial thrill and suspense lending ample momentum to the plot especially with the introduction of Faisal, played by Sunny Wayne. When the smuggled gold is lost from the carrier, the smugglers and the perpetrators are deployed on both sides of the tale, setting the stage for an impending encounter. Led by the hunters, who lost the gold, the hide and seek game enters the next level when Alby, played by Asif Ali, scouts for the thieves.

As the film traverses through a riveting path created by writers Mridul Nair and Sajimon Prabhakar, gradually it gives the feel of a jerky route with the template of the plot astoundingly embracing an ordinary format. Even as there is a twist in the climax, it is a snap to realize the nature of the tale after a certain period. The conflict sets in when Alby's car involves in an accident with Faisal's vehicle. Alby is the henchman of Moosa Haji (Siddique), a gold smuggler. Following the mishap, the gold is robbed from Alby's car. Now, Alby and gold carrier Nancy (Malavika Sreenath) land in a soup. The search for the missing gold keeps Alby engaged.

Meanwhile, Moosa and local politician Narayanan (PP Kunhikrishnan), who also has a role in smuggling gold, become worried about the robbed gold. 'Kasargold' shifts to Goa in its decisive phase but the events are pretty enough to arouse one's dejà vu feel while the Kasaragod slang of characters is a tad amusing. The relationship among characters is difficult to unravel here due to the 'spoiler effect' of the film, which starts with a moral story narrated by a father to his son at night.

The avarice of people engaged in gold smuggling prods them to double-cross each other and this familiar factor is plainly narrated in the movie with least intensity and freshness. The slipshod writing has laid out characters representing each side with the purposes of 'catch them' and 'escape from them' activities. Interestingly, the pattern of these assignments is hardly new for viewers considering the status of the plot that fails to bring in something innovative and suspenseful.

Faisal is a typical ordinary man with financial problems and his family matters replenish the emotional fissures of the film at regular intervals. Sunny Wayne accomplishes in garnering empathies while portraying the hardships of a common man. The agility and aggressive mien in the performance of Asif Ali adds exquisite thrust to the proceedings albeit he offers very little as an actor here. The police officer engaged by the antagonists to nab the thieves is a trite addition to the tale and Vinayakan as suspended cop Alex John gives a mediocre impression. Malavika Sreenath, who plays a gold carrier employed by Moosa, is loud and emphatic in appearance but struggles to be eloquent in performance.

Mridul Nair has displayed a swashbuckling confidence in the treatment of 'Kasargold' but that energy certainly lacks in the screenplay. 'Kasargold' bears the typical story of gold smugglers and it is woven around the ordinary creative realms, triggering predictable vibes. The sheen is hardly enough to blot out the chinks in the plot. Cinematography by Jebin Jacob (with additional cinematography by Pavi K Pavan) perfectly blends with the premise of the tale; be it the chasing scenes or the exotic locales of Goa.

K. R. Rejeesh