Saravana Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Dec 20, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

Saravana is mass-market junk. Simbhu and his director K.S.Ravikumar know one good old-fashioned route to the top: remake the hits of other languages. Saravana is a remake of Bhadra - a super hit Telugu film. But unfortunately what appeals to one set of audience may not always appeal to another set of audience. The same is the case with Saravana. Saravana's appeal is narrow and in anyway does not measure up to the Telugu version.

I won't say anything more, for I would not want to spoil the interest of those who haven't seen the movie yet.

Here goes the story...

Saravana (Silambarasan) and Krishna ('Five Star' fame Krishna) are friends. Saravana sees a videotape of Krishna's sister Sadhana (Jyothika) studying in London and instantly falls in love with her. Saravana goes to Krishna's house in a village near Tirunelveli to meet Sadhana. There, he comes to know about the feud between two groups: one led by Krishna's family and the other led by Dorai Singam, fighting for the superiority of their own casts.

Soundarapandi (Prakash Raj) the elder brother of Krishna learns that Saravana's love for his sister and decided to get her married to Saravana.

In a bloody clash, Soundarapandi and Krishna are killed. Saravana rescues Sadhana and protects her in his house in Chennai. Initially, Saravana's family does not accept Sadhana but gradually begin to like her after they understand her and her background.

How Saravana helps Sadhana to go back to London, and how he eliminates Dorai Singam and his gang forms the remaining part of the story.

The irresistible Simbhu is razor-sharp and has really brought his character to life. He is rocking with all round performance: fighting hoards of goons single handedly, singing, and making slapstick comedy. Without his brand, the film would have gone to dumps on the very first day of its showing.

Jothyka is shown in a poor light. Her overweight and improper makeup has made her acting impassive and condescending.

Prakash Raj performance gives a worthy performance though not over the top. Vivek provides the comic relief by satirizing Stars in the industry. Meghana Naidu sweeps through the film with her charming looks. The ensemble of supporting roles played by Nagesh, Radharavi, Tharika, Nizhalgal Ravi carries the movie through the end.

The music scored by Srikanth Deva is bland and has nothing much to tell about.

On the whole, Saravana is not a memorable film. However, this wild concoction will not disappoint die-hard fans of Simbhu.

P.V.Sathish Kumar