Masand Punjabi Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | UA | Drama

Masand is a 2022 Indian movie directed by Vikrant Sidhu starring Nishawn Bhullar, Rabbi Kandola, Simran Dhiman and Amrinder Billing. The feature film is produced by Vinay Jindal and the music composed by Gur Sidhu.

Release Info:
November 18 2022 (India)   
Language: Punjabi
Director: Vikrant Sidhu
Cast: Nishawn Bhullar, Rabbi Kandola, Simran Dhiman, Amrinder Billing, Mahabir Bhullar, RP Singh

Cast & Crew Details:
Nishawn Bhullar
Rabbi Kandola
Simran Dhiman
Amrinder Billing
Mahabir Bhullar
RP Singh

Director: Vikrant Sidhu
Producer: Vinay Jindal
Music Director: Gur Sidhu
Cinematographer: Farooque Khan