Criminal Tamil Movie

Feature Film

Criminal is an upcoming Indian movie directed by Dhakshina Moorthy Ramar starring Gautham Karthik, Sarath Kumar and Janani Iyer. The feature film is produced by PR Meenakshi Sundaram and IB Karthikeyan and the music composed by Sam C S.

Current Status: Announced
Release Info:
July 8 2023 (India)   
Language: Tamil
Director: Dhakshina Moorthy Ramar

Cast & Crew Details:
Gautham Karthik
Sarath Kumar
Janani Iyer

Director: Dhakshina Moorthy Ramar
Producers: PR Meenakshi Sundaram, IB Karthikeyan
Production Companies: Big Print Pictures, Parsa Pictures
Music Director: Sam C S
Song Lyrics Writer: Snehan
Cinematographer: Prasanna S Kumar
Editor: Manikandan Balaji

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