Unexpected English Movie

Feature Film | Comedy, Romantic

Unexpected is a English movie directed by David Hunt starring Neil Flynn, Ryann Shane, Pat Finn and Nash Grier. The feature film is produced by Patricia Heaton and the music composed by Stephanie Gangel.

Current Status: Announced
Release Info:
2023 (India)   
Language: English
Director: David Hunt
Ryann Shane
Pat Finn
Nash Grier
Brooks Ryan


Cast & Crew Details:
Neil Flynn Rupert
Ryann Shane Shirlee
Pat Finn Dr. Wells
Nash Grier Gerard
Brooks Ryan Older Austin
Anna Camp Amy

Director: David Hunt
Producer: Patricia Heaton
Music Director: Stephanie Gangel
Cinematographer: Allison Anderson
Editor: Chris Witt
Original Story Writer: Rodney Patrick Vaccaro
Action Choregrapher: Justin Parks