Taxi No.9211 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Jan 13, 2006 By Patro

When director Milan Luthria went to Nana Patekar to sign him for the movie Taxi No 9211, Nana was in a shooting range in Mumbai practicing rifle shooting. “Please cast me differently”, was the only request Nana made while agreeing to be a part of the movie in minutes. Though Apaharan and Bluffmaster were both successes, probably he was tired of doing the same psychopathic villain roles again and again.

Milan Luhtria did exactly what the quirky actor had requested all the while preserving the quintessential Nana. And we have Nana Patekar as the hero in the movie Taxi No 9211. The acerbic tongue and the brusque mannerisms are still there, so also the mild maniacal shade to the character, but now its all part of an essentially good character.

Nana Patekar as Raghav Sastry essays the role of a really bitter and aggressive taxi driver who is struggling to make ends meet in the ruthless city of Mumbai, to perfection. No other actor could have portrayed better the angst and frustrations of a Mumbai taxi driver who looses everything in a day.

John Abraham, who is Jay Mittal in the movie, measures up to the role of a scion to a property of 300 crores, provided that he can prove it in a court of law. Spoilt, arrogant, irresponsible and extravagant are the traits of Jay Mittal. John Abraham slips in to these masks so swiftly that you don’t see John on the screen but, Jay Mittal.

The spoilt and arrogant brat rides the cab of the quirky and blunt taxi driver on a fateful day. The former wants to make a few quick bucks and the later wants to lay claim to his 300 crores. Thus begins the roller coaster ride of action, revenge and humor at unlikely places.

Sameera Reddy as the fair weather girlfriend of John gets a song to show that she has the right curves at the right places. Sonali Kulkarni looks pretty much a taxi driver’s wife who has tolerated a husband who has changed 23 jobs in 15 years and yet finds it difficult to pay the bills.

Ramesh Sippy who has given blockbusters like Sholay and hits like Andaaz, Seeta Aur Geeta, Shaan and Shakti has given a free hand to Milan Luthria in direction. Taxi No 9211 is going to make up for the earlier failures of Milan Luthria like Deewar. The movie will establish him as a credible director. He has done a good job in showing the simmering hatred that exists between the Mumbai’s haves and have-nots mixing it well with the foot tapping music and fairly hummable songs.

Once Nana had signed a movie with Ramesh Sippy that got cancelled due to some reason. But Ramesh Sippy did not accept the signing amount check back from Nana. Its unclear how much he is paid for Taxi No 9211 but he has more than compensated the Sippys, this includes their earlier signing amount check for the movie that didn’t happen. Nana, John and others with their brilliant real life like performances assure you an enjoyable movie in Taxi No 9211. Go, watch it.