IPL (Its Pure Love) Telugu Movie

Feature Film | Drama

IPL (Its Pure Love) is an Indian movie directed by Suresh Lankalapalli starring Viswa Karthikeya, Saran, Archana Gowtham and Avanthika. The feature film is produced by Beeram Srinivas and the music composed by Vengi.

Current Status: Awaiting Release
Release Info:
February 10 2023 (India)   
Language: Telugu
Director: Suresh Lankalapalli
Cast: Viswa Karthikeya, Saran, Archana Gowtham, Avanthika

Cast & Crew Details:
Viswa Karthikeya
Archana Gowtham

Director: Suresh Lankalapalli
Producer: Beeram Srinivas
Music Director: Vengi
Cinematographer: Ak Anand
Editor: Janaki Ram
Screenplay Writer: Suresh Lankalapalli
Original Story Writer: Suresh Lankalapalli
Action Choregrapher: Satish