Secret Home Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
A double murder occurs in a family where marital conflict is at its summit but the mystery remains about the real killer. This potential content based on a true event has been botched up in its on-screen adaptation.
Mar 25, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

A bickering couple with seemingly no end takes the centre-stage in this investigative thriller helmed by Abhayakumar K. The wedding day of this couple is the opening scene of 'Secret Home' and through the title card, every stage of their marital life is unveiled. After 10 years, they are in two different poles with their relationship attaining the travesty beyond repair. Though the movie has perfect ingredients to be qualified as a thriller, lack of vital punch in the proceedings is a huge blow. The dwindling of energy in the narrative is a problem as the major turnarounds in the tale appear to be a perfunctory exercise giving a lukewarm impact.

The script, written by Anil Kurian, has ample tropes to trigger curiosity in the proceedings but there is a slipshod approach in deploying the resources to make the film riveting. The film touches on how the conflict among the couple leads to extramarital affairs and abruptly topples the fate of family members. At times, 'Secret Home' piques your interest with unexpected revelations. Still, the execution of events vividly lacks excitement though Sshivada, who plays Sarika, grabs the attention with an impressive outing. The expressions of the actress are subtle but effective while depicting the mental status of a dejected and ignored spouse by her life partner Saran (Chandunath).

All the characters are fallible in their actions in this flick but except the heroine, others struggle to raise the bar of their performance. Sarika is an IT employee and her husband is working in a home appliance shop. Saran suspects that Sarika is making him a cuckold. When Sarika gets an opportunity to go abroad as part of her job, she decides to take her son also with her. But Saran opposes it and leads to heated arguments between the couple. Meanwhile, daycare teacher Ayana, played by Aparna Das, faces the threat of losing her job due to an accident in the school. She meets her student's mother Sarika to get a no objection certificate. After getting it, Ayana goes to meet Saran in his house but she witnesses a double murder there.

Obviously, Ayana becomes the prime witness in the murder case but the question about the real killer remains obscure. 'Secret Home' sets an intriguing premise here and the story enters into more intriguing territory with the introduction of characters Ajeesh (Anu Mohan) and Nishil (Dineesh P). Yet, the debilitated narration fails to provide any engaging moments and the secrets regarding the murder are falling flat in the presentation. The movie is hardly striking in depicting the scenes to reasonably establish the situations that spur enmity between the couple. It is unevenly presented at times evoking a sort of volatility in its effect on viewers. The crucial murder scene is an instance of amateurish making and the repetition of that scene as flashback fails to offer any curiosity.

Sshivada carries the entire weight of the film where other characters are just like locked in towards the climax; despite new revelations being made with regard to the plot. In short, this potential content based on a true event has been botched up with scrappy film making.

K. R. Rejeesh