Alag Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2006

Alag is a 2006 Indian movie starring Akshay Kapoor and Dia Mirza. The feature film is produced by Subi Samuel and the music composed by Aadesh Shrivastava.

Release Info:
June 16 2006 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Akshay Kapoor

He was different...! He was alone...! There is a death in the family of Rastogi's. Hemant Rastogi has a cardiac arres... Show more

He was different...! He was alone...!

There is a death in the family of Rastogi's. Hemant Rastogi has a cardiac arrest and he dies. The police take over the house and find out that the house and the family that lived within, is odd to say the least! Neighbors know precious little of the family and think they have seen someone walk the house at nights alone. They speak of the person as if he is a ghost!!! But no one can say for sure that there is anybody else living in that house other than Mr. Hemant Rastogi. On further investigations, the police realize that there is another person who stays in the same house - Hemant Rastogi's son Tejas. A boy who has been hidden in the house by Hemant like he was some family secret!! - A boy who has never stepped out of the house for eighteen years and lived in the dark all his life. Why did Hemant have to treat his own son like this'''

Enter Purva Rana, daughter of a philanthropist, who runs an institution for the orphans and for youngsters who have committed petty crimes. She and her institution seem to be the only way out for Tejas to survive in this world which is alien to him. Purva too, willingly comes forth to help Tejas, but one look at him and she knows that she has not seen anyone like him before. He looks different, acts different, is different!!!

Enthusiastic, Tejas steps foot out of the house in the light of the day for the first time in eighteen years wanting to see the world. A world which he has only known off from the books that he has read abundantly!!! Purva too is amused to see the child in Tejas wanting to grasp so much in such short time. Tejas soon realizes that he is not like the rest of the people around him and the world is not like he had imagined it to be. It is not black or white, as he had read in this book. In fact, it has more shades of grey!!! It also does not take long for Purva to realize that Tejas is far from a child. He is something who is specially gifted with powers that mankind has never seen or heard of!!! She is taken aback completely by this intriguing person. It is something that she had never imagined. At every juncture Tejas surprises her. As and when she thinks that she has a measure of him and knows him, he would do something more exciting, more beautiful, more powerful, to leave he amazed, awestruck, dumbfounded!!!

Who is Tejas Rastogi' What makes him different' How does he possess powers that any ordinary person would only dream of' How does he fit into a world like ours' How does he takes to the other people of the institute and more importantly, how do they take to someone like Tejas'

'Different' is 'Good'!

But is being different really good'

This is our protagonist finds out in a soul stirring, emotional film 'Alag', which attempts to trace the experiences of a boy who is immensely gifted mentally, physically and emotionally. It is a film that sketches the life and will of Tejas and he needs to do to survive in this world that will never let him be what he wants to be ... alone!!!


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Cast & Crew Details:
Akshay Kapoor
Dia Mirza

Producer: Subi Samuel
Music Director: Aadesh Shrivastava