Thuruppu Gulan Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Comedy
Feb 2, 2006 By Franko Davis

Mammootty's Thuruppugulaan is a movie which is exclusively for his diehard fans. The story or some of the scenes may remind you of David Dhawan directed Govinda starrer Dulheraja, which was released almost a decade ago and also of its Tamil variant. Johnny Antony, the director, has tried to make it look different from both of them, but is not convincing, and also fails to raise it above Mammootty's earlier outing in the laugh riot Rajamanikyam. If Rajamanikyam was a Mammootty's reply to his detractors who said he can never do a full length comedy entertainer, then Thuruppugulaan is a fitting reply to those who said he cannot dance at all. There is no doubt that Thuruppugulaan is a crude and crass commercial flick without any logic at all and is strictly for the fans of the mega star.

The story goes like this: Mr. Menon (Devan), a multi millionaire buys considerable real estate and entrusts it to one of his trusted lieutenants, Sreedharan Unnithan (Kalashala Babu), to construct a 5 star hotel. He also buys a small plot and gives it to Kochuthoma (Innocent), Kunjumon's (Mammootty) father. Menon leaves for Singapore and Kunjumon is packed off to Calicut by his father as he fears that his son's life might be in danger as he badly wounded one of the local goons who picked up a fight with Menon.

After a few years, Menon decides to return to his native land and get his daughter married off in a good way. But Sreedharan Unnithan and his sons in an effort to foil his plans has him framed in a cooked up case and imprisoned. His daughter, Lakshmi (Sneha) reaches Kerala to find a way to help her father. She meets up with the hero Gulaan Kunjumon. Whether he is able to help her in her mission or whether he has a mission of his own is told in a way which might look like a comedy of errors. Director Johnny Antony passes through the events at a brisk pace, not lending the viewer time to think about what really is going on.

Apart from Mammootty's acting and Sneha in her deglamourized role, everything else in the movie is below average. Music by Alex Paul reminds you of songs from some recent Tamil flicks. The lyrics are sub - standard stuff from some one like Kaithapram. But the way Vineeth Srinivasan has rendered one of the present chartbusters is good. Sanjeev Sankar's camera work and Ranjan Abraham's editing are run of the mill.

Franko Davis