Varshangalkku Shesham Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
Despite its ensemble cast, "Varshangalkku Shesham" fails to deliver a truly unique narrative, instead struggling to stay afloat in the sea of feel-good cinema.
Apr 12, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

Vineeth Sreenivasan's latest directorial venture resides comfortably within his familiar terrain, crafting a feel-good narrative that embraces mainstream actors, albeit briefly. Set against the backdrop of Madras, now Chennai, during the heyday of South Indian Cinema, "Varshangalkku Shesham" holds promise for exploring the aspirations of those drawn to the silver screen, particularly within the Malayalam Cinema scene.

The story unfolds in Kodambakkam during the 1980s, focusing on Venu Koothuparambu (portrayed by Dhyan Sreenivasan) and his friend Murali (played by Pranav Mohanlal), who dream of becoming a director and a music composer, respectively. They inhabit Swamis Lodge, a hub for aspiring filmmakers, and embark on their cinematic pursuits. When Venu secures a directing opportunity, he extends the chance to Murali for composing, but Murali's personal struggles lead him down a different path.

The narrative follows Venu's quest to find Murali, who disappears after Venu's debut film. Flashback sequences shed light on their bond and Murali's unrequited love for Annie (Kalyani Priyadarshan). As Venu recounts their story to his driver (Vineeth Sreenivasan), new characters like Nivin Pauly inject fresh energy, though sometimes at odds with the central plot.

Aju Varghese's portrayal of film producer Kesavadev leaves a lasting impression, while Basil Joseph's introduction as assistant director Pradeep adds momentum. Dhyan's impressive portrayal of different stages of the protagonist makes him pick of the lot among the performers. He showcases extreme confidence in exuding the mental dilemma of a struggling filmmaker, who undergoes a rough patch in the tinsel world when a new breed of directors taste success with novel concepts. Moreover, 'Varshangalkku Shesham' subtly reveals the condescending attitude of certain young filmmakers to veterans in the industry when it comes to film-making.

Pranav delivers a solid performance despite his character's underdevelopment, with the narrative sometimes faltering in conveying his character's struggles convincingly. Vineeth adeptly portrays the camaraderie between the protagonists but falters in maintaining the gravity of their conflict in later years.

While music plays a pivotal role, the soundtrack by composer Amrit Ramnath lacks consistency. Vineeth incorporates elements of spoof and humor to alleviate narrative shortcomings but falls short of infusing the Madras milieu with sufficient novelty. The sequences involving Venu's attempt to direct a film and the theatre scenes in the climax are highly far-fetched.

Despite its ensemble cast, "Varshangalkku Shesham" fails to deliver a truly unique narrative, instead struggling to stay afloat in the sea of feel-good cinema.

K. R. Rejeesh