Premante Inte Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Feb 11, 2006 By Kishore

In life it so happens that you mistake attraction for love and take love for friendship. For that to happen you need not be dumb. Even the smartest of people think mushily when it comes to distinguish between love and friendship. And when that happens you may find yourself in a triangle formed by: you, the person you think you love and the person you actually love. The plot only thickens when you take years to realize and confess your love. The consequences of such an event can be anything: you may marry the one you thought you loved, you may end up with the one you actually love, break the heart of one or both and end up with someone outside the triangle, or worse still all three will be left heart broken.

Premante Inte is such a real life like intriguing story of a boy called Veeru (Navadeep) who thinks that he loves Lizzy (Roopali). But he fails to summon the courage and confess his feelings to her in 2 years. Meanwhile his parents start looking for a girl and during one such customary meeting Veeru befriends Pavani (Poonam Bajwa). Pavani is a very frank girl who thinks herself to be a bit dumb but is happy to meet someone like Veeru who she thinks is dumber than her. So the dumb and dumber get along fine. They become friends. Veeru immediately tells Pavani that he cannot marry her as he is already in love with Lizzy. But as they have become friends he elicits a promise from Pavani to help in deducing whether Lizzy actually loves him or not. They arrange a rendezvous in Visakhapatnam. From here the triangle starts as Pavani and Veeru get closer much to the chagrin of Lizzy. But Veeru thinks honestly that he loves Lizzy and what is between him and Pavani is just friendship. Veeru after a lot of self-struggle, finally is able shed his shyness and confess his love for Lizzy. He convinces Lizzy’s parents and his own parents to marry her. But at the same time his friendship with Pavani is getting intense. It’s a triangle, which gets piquant by the minute. To find out what happens watch Premante Inte.

Premante Inte is a movie that has been made with the minimum use of ketch up, as there are no fight scenes. The story, the photography and the dialogues make the movie close to real life situations. The excellent quality of photography needs special mention here. Music by Koti is average. Though Koti has given many hummable tunes, music of Premante Inte is nothing special. But thankfully it doesn’t bore and takes away nothing from the movie. There is plenty of comedy, romance, and true to life emotions in the movie that makes Premante Inte a watchable movie.

The dilemma facing today’s youngsters to choose between family interests and one’s love, the maturity in understanding the need to balance both and the sensible portrayal of well meaning elders in the family all have been dealt with finesse in the movie. Though moving at a slow pace without much melodrama, Premante Inte grips the viewer with its fantastic picturisation, interesting plot and level headed characters. Kudos to the makers of the movie for providing clean entertainment.