Honeymoon In Bangkok Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | A | Comedy, Romantic

Honeymoon In Bangkok is a 2023 Indian movie directed by Sanjay B.S starring Uday Surya, Anu Gowda, Ananya Dey and Preksha Rao. The feature film is produced by Sanjay B.S and K. Ramesh Mysore and the music composed by M. Sanjeev Rao Musician.

Release Info:
September 22 2023 (India)   
Language: Kannada
Director: Sanjay B.S
Cast: Uday Surya, Anu Gowda, Ananya Dey, Preksha Rao, Vijay Chandur, Meese Murthy

Cast & Crew Details:
Uday Surya
Anu Gowda
Ananya Dey
Preksha Rao
Vijay Chandur
Meese Murthy

Director: Sanjay B.S
Producers: Sanjay B.S, K. Ramesh Mysore
Music Director: M. Sanjeev Rao Musician
Editor: Sanjay B.S