Kanal Kannadi Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2006

Kanal Kannadi is a 2006 Indian movie directed by A.K. Jayan Poduval starring Karthika Mathew, Indrajith Sukumaran, Manya and Shelly. The feature film is produced by K. Madhu and SV Joseph and the music composed by Edwin Abraham.

Release Info:
October 3 2006 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: A.K. Jayan Poduval

Anamika (debutant Shelly) is a brilliant student from a poor family who gets admission to a medical college through the ... Show more

Anamika (debutant Shelly) is a brilliant student from a poor family who gets admission to a medical college through the merit route. Ouseppachan is the Managing Director of the institution. You got me right the first time. Ouseppachan is the Managing Director, not the Principal, because this is not just an educational institution. It is a commercial establishment. Substantial amounts are collected as capitation fees. Institutions such as these do not favor students entering through the merit route, because such students cannot be charged any capitation fees.

Anamika’s first semester fee itself is in arrears. Ouseppachan summons her to his office and tells her to pay up or quit, so he can offer the seat to some one else who is willing to pay the capitation fees. With a leery, lecherous look on his face he also tells her she’s got what it takes to raise the money. Anamika leaves the room insulted and devastated, and commits suicide.

Indumathy (Karthika) is a psychology student doing research into suicides of this kind. Anamika becomes one of the subjects of her research. The director attempts to unravel the impact of such issues as commercialization of education, globalization, neglect of the agricultural sector, suppression of women etc. through the film. One wonders whether he is not biting off more than he can chew.


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Cast & Crew Details:
Karthika Mathew
Indrajith Sukumaran
Geetha Salam
Jagathy Sreekumar
Bheeman Reghu
VP Ramachandran
CK Sabu

Director: A.K. Jayan Poduval
Producers: K. Madhu, SV Joseph
Music Director: Edwin Abraham
Song Lyrics Writers: ONV, E. Ramachandran, Prasad, Pisharody