The Legacy of Jineshwar Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | U | Drama

The Legacy of Jineshwar is a 2024 Indian movie directed by Pradeep P Jadhav starring Manish Bishla and Surendra Pal. The feature film is produced by Abhishek Maloo and the music composed by Vivian Richard.

Release Info:
April 19 2024 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Pradeep P Jadhav
Cast: Manish Bishla, Surendra Pal

Cast & Crew Details:
Manish Bishla
Surendra Pal

Director: Pradeep P Jadhav
Producer: Abhishek Maloo
Music Director: Vivian Richard
Sound Designer: Sunil Kohli
Cinematographer: Amit Malviya
Editor: Vijay Panchal
Original Story Writer: Abhishek Maloo