Keerthi Chakra Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film
Aug 12, 2006 By Franko Davis

Kudos to Major Ravi and his crew for pulling off a commendable piece of work. The Director and the cameraman have worked hand in hand to paint a picture of Kashmir stripped of its bewitching beauty, to bring out the stark reality of India's frontier state today. The story deals with the trauma of Indian soldiers in the terrorist infested state, their attachment to their buddies, their reaction to being continually exposed to danger and the effects of their long-drawn separation from their loved ones.

Major Ravi picks a typical group of anti-terrorist commandos led by Major Mahadevan to tell his story. Grapevine has it that Major Ravi is telling his own experiences. That's for would be biographers to verify. The point is Ravi has created a remarkably realistic film about the lives of Indian soldiers living on edge in a very hostile terrain.

The film tells the story of Major Mahadevan, who loves his job of mentoring and leading a handful of commandos successfully mission after mission, with limited resources and very negative superior. The movie also shows his own personal tragedies and how he finds relief in the camaraderie that life at the front offers. Mohanlal as Major Mahadevan puts up a sterling performance. The same can be said of most other members of the cast. Special mention must be made of Biju Menon, Shammi Thilakan, Sai Kumar and Lakshmi Gopalaswami. Art direction and background score add to the realism.

Summing it up, Keerthi Chakra is a realistic entertainer that is wholesome and offers good value for money. The film will certainly be another feather in Mohanlal's cap, and going by the crowds at the theaters, should run well beyond the Onam festival season.

Franko Davis